DCNY - 5% Commission 💸💸💸


Earn 5% recurring commission on all payments for customers you refer to dcny.co. Roughly $300/month per customer!

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  • 5%

  • B2B / B2C

DCNY Details

  • What is DCNY?

    DCNY offers a subscription-based software engineering service providing access to top-tier global talent. They emphasize speed, collaboration, and efficiency in their service delivery.

  • Who would be a good affiliate partner?

    - Tech Influencers and Bloggers: Individuals with a strong following in the tech industry who can promote DCNY’s services to startups and enterprises. - Startup Incubators and Accelerators: Organizations that support new businesses, providing a channel to introduce DCNY’s services to emerging companies. - Consulting Firms: Companies that advise businesses on digital transformation and could recommend DCNY as a software engineering solution. - Tech Communities and Forums: Online communities where developers and entrepreneurs gather, providing a platform for spreading awareness about DCNY.

  • What are the features for DCNY?

    Subscription plans with no contracts Unlimited user access for teams Quick completion of requests Simple management platform Diverse technology stack support (e.g., AWS, React, Ruby on Rails) Integration with Slack for communication

  • DCNY commission breakdown

    DCNY pays 5%, roughly $300 per month for every active client you refer to them. 10 clients is $3,000 per month!


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